Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Install and Configure Management Reporter 2012 and AX 2012 R2

Management Reporter is a great reporting tool that integrates with AX 2012 to easily create all kinds of trail balances and balance sheets.

Download the latest version of Management Reporter for different localizations from the partner source.


Installation Steps

Install the Management Reporter Server

The installation is very straight forward. So let us proceed to the configuration.

When you open the configuration console you will see a form asking you to configure the Management Reporter Application Service and the Management Reporter Process Service.

Only select the the application and process service and select Next.

You will have to first set a service account for the management reporter services. For the purpose of this tutorial we are going to keep the same as the AOS Service Account.

In the next section we have to configure the management reporter database. Since this is the first time configuring MR 2012 we do not have an existing database, so leave that unchecked.

Enter the database server name,. If the SQL instance is not the default instance name. Then the database   server will be the SERVER\INSTANCE.

Select windows authentication and keep the default database name the same and proceed.

Select Configure.

This will create the Management Reporter Database and the configuration console will open. The next step will be to make a connection with AX 2012. Select File Configure

Now we are going to configure AX 2012 with Data Mart. Data Mart is the database which will synchronize the AX financial data as specified intervals.

Let us proceed and configure this.

The MR 2012 Server integrate with AX 2012 Meta Data Service. Unless you have changed the default port for the meta data service do not change the default port form 8201. 

Enter the following details 

  • AOS Server Name (Server Name not the AOS Server Instance Name)
  • AOS Service Account and password
  • The Default AOS port is 2712, unless you have changed this port leave the default port.
  • AX Database and Database Server.
After configuring AX 2012 we have to configure the DDM Database.

The Database server will have already been populated from the AX Database Server. Change this if in your environment you want to set up a different database server for the Data mart Database (Recommended). 

Select windows authentication and leave the default database name to DDM. Select Next and the configure.

Then open configuration console and you will have a new node under ERP Integration. Select the node and ENABLE INTEGRATION. 

After Enabling the Integration you will have to IMPORT the companies from AX. This action will open a dialog box asking you for the User Name and Password. Since we have configured MR 2012 through windows authentication. Select Windows Authentication and continue. Import the companies to begin designing MR 2012 reports.

In the Next Post we will discuss designing the reports in MR 2012 with he report Designer (MR 2012 Client)


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  2. Thanks. I just couldn't get this to work until I read your BLOG. I kept entering the AOS instance name and not the server name ......