Thursday, 25 July 2013

OData AX 2012 and Excel 2013 Integration

The term OData has come to age. According to the OData official website, OData (Open Data Protocol) is a Web protocol that is used for querying and updating data. 

Integration with AX 2012


  1. AIF Web Services
  2. Excel 2013
When the AIF Web Service component is installed a Query Service is launched within AX 2012. This Query Service is the OData Web service that will help us extract data from AX 2012. 

The URL of the web service is:


In order to use the OData Service we have to first create query with AX 2012 AOT. 

For Example lets use a standard query. I have selected the CustTransOpen Query.

The next thing we are going to do is create a Document Data Source.

Go to Organization Administration > Setup > Document Management > Document Data Source Fig 1.2

Create New Data Source Document
Create a new record in the form with the following details.

DS Type
DS Name
Accounts Receivable
Query Reference

Thats it for the AX part its time to go open Excel 2013.

Create a new workbook in Excel and add the OData as a Data Source

Step 1 Create a new Workbook in Excel and Add the OData Data Source

 Step 2 - The the URL of the OData Service

Step 3 -Select the Document Data Source (CustTransOpen Query)

Step 4 - Click Finish

Step 5 - Select how you want to view the data.

Depending on the amount of the data this activity will take time.

Have Fun with O

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