Saturday, 13 July 2013

Discrete Manufacturing AX 2012 R2 Bill Of Materials - Part 2 - The Fundamentals

Configurable Bill of Materials

BOM Configurations are used for using one BOM version and multiple variants of the BOM Line items. For example if there is a laptop with three variants lets say low medium and high. The BOM line items will also have variants that correspond to the mac book. Instead of making multiple versions we will use configuration groups to group the line items so they will be selected appropriately in the production order.

The video will show the above example in detail.

Add all of the configuration groups to the configuration routes, configuration routes will be used for job scheduling. We will discuss this further in future posts.

Configuration Rules

Configuration rules are used to further control which items are allowed to be configured to together. 
For example we can set a rule that will be triggered when the macbook processor is an i5 then 16 gb cannot be selected for that order. Configuration Rules are created for each configuration group as well each item in the group.

  1. It helps simply items that are linked together within BOM.
  2. All of the lines and items within the BOM are logically linked.
  3. Sets the correlation between individual items and configuration groups

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