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Discrete Manufacturing AX 2012 R2 Bill Of Materials - Part 1 - The Fundamentals

Bill of Materials or BOM for short is manufacturing term that lists all of the components for a particular item that is manufactured.

It is quite difficult for someone from a non-manufacturing background to understand AX 2012 Production Control so in this and following posts I will try to simplify manufacturing within AX 2012.

Version Control

The First feature that we will be discussing is version control version control. Version Control is a feature used with Bill of Materials in AX 2012 that helps one BOM meet the needs of several manufacturing scenarios.

Figure 1.1 


As seen in figure 1.1 it the BOM form in AX 2012. In the top half it list all of the Bill of Materials. In the second half we select our  main BOM item and more options. 

We are going to focus on the following:

1. From Date
2. To Date 
3. From Quantity
4. Site

Version Scenarios

Figure 1.2

There is one version that is approved and activated from 7/13/2013 and there is another version that is also activated and approved from the same date, but the difference is the "From Qty" field. In the second version we have specified 500 as the from qty, thus when we select a production order for more than 500 pieces AX 2012 will automatically select the appropriate BOM Version.

Site is a another way AX 2012 lets us control BOMs. In order to define BOMs that will be produced at different sites, leave the site field blank in the header of the BOM form, and then select a site a the BOM Version Level. If not site is selected then the BOM is applicable for all sites.

The default site for any item can be set from the Released Products list page under "Manage Inventory"

Set the site specific settings and Default order settings for the item in order to set the default site for the item. This way when creating production orders the default site is automatically selected along with the BOM and route associated with that site.

When BOMs are used in a Multi Site Scenario, most often they will also be have different routes and difference resources. Thus we will also have to set up route versions for all the different sites the item is manufactured. Using different routes we can produce the same item in different sites, in this scenario select the resource consumption boolean in the BOM Lines form. In this situation BOM Line consumption is liked to the resource allocated to the route. and the resources references the production unit which states the picking warehouse. We will delve further into routes in AX 2012 in future posts. 

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