Monday, 19 August 2013

Accounts Payable Accounting AX 2012 R2

Step 1 Create a new Purchase Order.

Create a dummy PO with M0100 as the item, after confirming the PO  create a Product Receipt and then let us check out the entires that have been passed.

M0100 has a Item Model Group of STD

Let us continue and check the vouchers that have been passed after this activity.

In order to make sense of this let us break it down by checking the account mapping done in the Item Group

The 1st voucher that was passed was mapped to the Accrued Purchases Account. This account is credited and the Purchase Expenditure Un-invoiced Account is Debited.

The 2nd voucher credits the Purchase Expenditure Un-invoiced Account  and Debits the Product Receipt (The Inventory Account).

The Purchase Expenditure Un-invoiced Account  in AX 2012 is an intermediary Account. So in this case it simply a Intermediary Receipt Account.

Journal 018314
600180 Purchase expenditure, un-invoiced Debit 24,490
200140 Purchase, accrual Credit 24,490

Journal 018315
140100 Product receipt Debit 24,490
600180 Purchase expenditure, un-invoiced Credit 24,490

After Invoicing 

Journal 01314 is reversed

Journal 018316

200140 Purchase, accrual Debit 24,490

600180 Purchase expenditure, un-invoiced Credit 24,490

The the Vendor Account (Vendor Posting Profile) is credited and the Purchase Expenditure Account is debited.

Journal 018317

600180 Purchase expenditure, accrual Debit 24,490

200100 Vendor Balance Credit24,490

Now we will Balance the Product Receipt Account that was debited at the time of the product receipt.

Journal 018318
140100 Purchase Inventory receipt Debit 24,490
140100 Product receipt Credit 24,490

And then in the last entry we will balance the Purchase Expenditure and Purchase Expenditure Un-Invoiced Accounts.

Journal 018318
600180 Purchase expenditure Un-invoiced, accrual Debit 24,490
600180 Purchase expenditure Debit 24,490

In conclusion all the entries are knocked off except 

Final Accounting Entry 

 Purchase Inventory receipt                                  Dr 24,490
           To Vendor Balance                                   Cr 24,490

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